This is a picture of our security at Papa's Place.  We call him Stump Buddy.  We were having some timber cut off the property and brush was being piled.  I drove by one afternoon and noticed a face in the brush pile.  Scared me to death.  I went and got Cherie Ann.  Didn't tell her about what I saw.  I told her to look at that brush pile to see what a mess the timber cutters had made.  She looked at me and said, "Do  you see that face in the brush pile?"  I told her that I did.  I just wanted to make sure someone else could see it.  We removed the log out of the brush pile and have never been able to turn the log in any position to make the face show up again.  I cropped the face out of the picture and carried it to my mother who was in a nursing home at the time.  Keep in mind, this was her childhood home.  At the time I showed her the picture she was about 93 years of age.  When she saw the picture she looked up at me and asked, "where did you get that picture of Papa?"  Papa is what she called her dad.  Thus the name, Papa's Place.  This is absolutely a true photo shop, no editing, no lie.  - Grady -

Papa's Place